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Lucid Anatomy is best known for adding custom nutrition plans and ongoing work with a registered dietitian to your personal training package. All clients receive the following:

- 6 one on one personal training sessions per week(4 normal and 2 High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, workouts)

- Weekly text check-in with your personal trainer

- Monthly weigh in and body fat scanning

- 1 unique nutrition plan

- Monthly diet tweaks from your Registered Dietitian if necessary to achieve your goals and satisfy your tastebuds


Total Transformation Package

The total transformation package is a long term option designed to get you the biggest return on your investment. Over the course of this we are going to set you up with a specific plan based on your goals/injuries/likes/dislikes/etcetera in order to transform your body entirely and hopefully keep you on that track for the rest of your life. 

(12 months)
$662 per month — $27.58 per session

Summer Slim Down Program

This semi-short "get in shape for summer" program is made for the client who wants to get in the best shape possible on a time crunch. Like the Total Transformation Package, we are still going to take the time to go over your goals/injuries/likes/dislikes/etcetera but this program will be much more condensed and much stricter due to those time constraints.

(4 months)
$813.33 per month — $33.89 per session

Basic Weight Loss Membership

This month to month "last minute rush" membership is meant for the busiest of the busy men and women that want an “on call” personal trainer to fit into a hectic schedule. With this plan you will have 26 sessions to use whenever you find yourself available with priority booking as well as everything else listed prior.

(1 month)
$986.66 per month — $41.11 per session