Lucid Anatomy





Lucid Anatomy believes in and strives to uphold the value of partnership. We believe that the crowds in bigger chain gyms make the process for a new gym-goer more stressful and ultimately harder which is why we work in a private, trainers-only space. Not only can it make things harder but it makes things less personal. We put the "personal" back in personal training.

One of the benefits of a smaller gym is more honesty and clarity. The honesty and clarity on our end is pretty self-explanatory but we cannot do our job if we do not receive that same honesty and clarity in return.


Before starting, it is important to set a time frame that is realistic. That is said because your body will not reach your goal any quicker due to a time crunch. In fact, putting a harsh goal on yourself may lead to unnecessary stress which in turn can push your goal even further away.